Tendekasha De Feat: reggae from Australia

Reggae comes from Jamaica in the 60s; but he’s travelled a lot with the rastafari diaspora; proof here with Tendekasha….straight from far away Australia! 

cd baby ten APRIL 2017


Tendekasha De Feat was born in Luanda in Angola. He migrated to Portugal aged of eleven as a war refugee. At that time he found solace in music, and versed himself into diverse genres via his father’s wide music collection. He started singing and play percussion, and eventually moved to London aged 23 years old to further his music development.

Tendekasha suffered from war trauma from his early years in Angola. But it’s in this emotionally heavily loaded past that he’d find some of his inspiration. It’s quite naturally that he connected with reggae music, and mixed with Jamaican influences, to say the least, his soon managed to expressed a simple pacifist music. And that music has helped him overcome his youth adversities.

It easy to start connecting with Tendekasha, as his melody gets to your heart straight away. Not to mention his texts. Tendakasha focus on ‘classic’ reggae themes, such as promotion of true multiculturalism, anti-racist movement or promoting love, harmony and universal respect. But in the context of his history, those words take an extra profoundness.

Now as an artist & radio broadcaster Tendekasha has settled in Australia, finding there the peace he needs for his artistic works such as ‘Inner Tune’, released in 2017 and already on our fairstreaming platform!

You’ve like Tendekasha’s story? Play his EP & support him on Bustle Music ! 


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