Discover our subscriptions!

Here we are!
Within the next couple of weeks we’ll start our stream & fund system.
Let me get it right: you can already surf on Bustle Music. But it’s free, so artists aren’t paid right now. And that’s the Big change coming up: listeners start to pay, therefore artists start to get paid!
So it’s time to introduce you to the various memberships!


Everyone starts with 15 days for FREE.
You should be able to try, surf on the map, have a listen or discover an artist from where you live for free. And then if you like it, you’ll take to the next level.
Why only 15 days?
Because we believe that if everybody should be able to acces to music, we also believe in a fair retribution to the artists. And as you can imagine, if too many people stream for nothing…well it’s going to be difficult for artists to generate revenus!


For 4€ per month you’ll have a full access to Bustle Music for 2 hours a day.
2 hours, that’s just about the European average time spent everyday listening to music.
And 4€, that 3 coffees (or 4 depending where you live!). Think of how many coffees you take every month?!
For those who listen to music at work, or while commuting, or just if you’re a bit of music lover, you need more than 2 hours a day.
So we’ve got this second level: 12hrs a day, for 10€ per month! This should fill you up!

As you can see, there’s no ‘unlimited’ offer. And it seems quite important to explain why.

80% of the IT cost of accessing music or video on line comes from streaming actually. Not the storage cost on servers, but the actual fact of streaming. So to offer an ‘unlimited’ access, we’ll have to anticipate that some listeners would stream, maybe in mute, but would stream for 15, 16 hours a day. Therefore we would have to double the price just to be sure of the resilience of our business model.
But also, it’s quite unfortunate, but some artists might get tempted to stream ‘en continue’ their music using their ‘unlimitted access’, and crash the overall stream & fund system.
Don’t get us wrong, there’s been a lots of thinking to create a system win-win for the listeners and the artists; and as usual ‘ethic’ means telling you the truth.
Right, you still have few more days to enjoy freely Bustle Music and decide what subscription to choose: have a good listen!

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